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FastLiquidation is determined to succesfully liquidate companies fast!

Our question is, do want a Solvent or Insolvent Liquidation?

Solvent Liquidation


Enabling shareholders of solvent companies to extract their funds.

Solvent Liquidation Online


Key Facts

Key Facts Guide to voluntary liquidations by Fast Liquidation.


Insolvent Liquidation


Enabling Directors of insolvent companies to liquidate fast.

Insolvent Liquidation Online

Members Voluntary Liquidation Guide

Members Voluntary Liquidation Guide

Giving you the funds you seek via an effective distribution.


Fast Liquidation is committed to providing delivery of company voluntary liquidation services to enable Directors to rescue, recover or simply reposition their financial affairs. Launched by Elliot Green FCA FABRP, who is a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, determined to make a difference for directors and bring his wealth of experience in dealing with such challenging matters in an expeditious, cost effective and manner fit for the 21st Century.


At the heart of our philosophy is the provision of an independent professional service for all the stakeholders of an insolvency process with integrity, transparency and expedition.


We recognise that many in the insolvency process may have already suffered and therefore we do what we reasonably can to provide objective advice and we seek to be of assistance to all the stakeholders, so that matters can be put right fast. Aligned to that is the recognition that advice has to be useful and understandable. 


We provide a process that is online, that sets out the stages as you take the path to company voluntary liquidation. So that our solution for you is cost effective we have provided you with the tools to provide the information required quickly, so that the process is not delayed and can be commenced without delay.


Although the voluntary liquidation of an insolvent company will mean the end of the company being liquidated, it does not necessarily mean that you will personally as a Director have to stop trading. We will assist your understanding and provide you with information as that part of the process is very important to get right.


If the company concerned is solvent then you will be able to do a Members Voluntary Liquidation. Whereas if the company is insolvent you will be able to do a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Guide

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Guide

Helping Directors on a path to rescue and recover.


  • 1


    Deployment of our experience to proactively address matters for company Directors.

  • 2


    Utilisation of Fast Liquidation procedures in the Insolvency Act 1986 for Directors.

  • 3


    Freeing the Directors enabling them to move forward for a new future.

  • 4


    Onwards and upwards towards future optimism, prosperity and integrity.





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